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What to Know About the Digital LSAT

Almost all of the tests including the GRE, MCAT, GMAT have gone digital and LSAT is the only test which has been behind the latest technologies and still continues using a pen and a paper. After a while, it has been decided by the authority that this exam will now be transitioning to the digital space. This is one of the major steps taken by the Exam Committee in a long time. There are some things which the law school students and the Law School applicants must know before taking this exam. There are a good amount of questions which the students have regarding this major shift in the phase.

digital lsat

There are some negative as well as positive points about this topic. Then I get your point is that if you are one of the students who is appearing for this exam after doing intense study with your top Lsat prep books on 15th of July, there is a high chance that will still be using pen and paper and only half of the exams will be digital for students. You will be surprised that it is not sure which method you might have to use before you appear for this exam. To add more confusion, all the marks will not be disclosed tell August 28, which is a month and a half after this exam. Generally, the results are exposed within 3 weeks after the reporting time. But, there is a positive thing about this delay as well. The students will be getting 5 days in order to decide whether to cancel the exam and retake the exam again.

This is an added privilege because you will be able to cancel your score and retake the exam free of cost as early as October only if you are not satisfied with your current score. The deadline for registration is 1st August and you will not be able to to take the exam in September so make sure that you keep that in mind. All the schools which you apply for will be able to see your previous score but they will see the score as a candidate cancel. This thing is treated as any other exam cancellation so make sure that you know what that is before canceling your score.

Law School Admission Council

The Law School Admission Council is trying to make the digital application of the exam as user-friendly as possible. You will not need an analog watch in order to keep track of the time because there will be a timer which is inbuilt into the application which you are writing your exam in. You will be able to highlight your questions, flag your questions, rule out your answers as well as expand and collapse them and also change the font as well as the color of the text.

You will also get a paper for rough work so that you can easily draw your graphs in the logic games section. This point is mentioned because there are a good number of students who were worried about not getting a scratch paper and order to draw their relational diagrams. You will also get a pen in addition.

According to the Law School Admission Council, a good amount of schools will prefer to use the writing samples of the candidate but this is somewhat debatable because they are a good amount of other factors which the schools consider when you write your application. Therefore, make sure that you treat your writing sample with a stress-free approach.

In order to take the writing sample which you are supposed to, you will I have to install the software provided by the Law School Admission Council and that software will require you to provide access to the webcam which you have in order to verify that you were the person who was writing the exam. If you want to retake the exam for your writing portion, you will have to pay $15 for each writing sample.


Conclusion: With the growth in the digital age is there is also a lot of development in the educational field making use of those digital applications. Make sure to stay updated in order to prevent any last minute surprises which might panic you. Make sure you read all the instructions before appearing for the exam. Have a great day.…

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